your Mara

A new beginning for Oda.

What is a Kodamara?

A powerful

Kodamara are Mara evolved from eating a Catalyst. They are much more powerful than their origin Maras and can use any of Farmer, Enchanter, or Hunter roles.

define the style

hunter Kodamara
farmer Kodamara
enchanter Kodamara

Unlock the power
of fragments

Sediment fragments add unique visual traits to Kodamara.
You have 2 slots available to add sediment.
The total amount added determines the changes to your Kodamara.

ParasiteRandomly picked from 99 options, guaranteed with fragment use.
Eye textureInfuse Sediment into your Kodamara’s eyes, guaranteed with fragment use.
Nascent AuraSmall chance to receive an aura with one slot, very high chance with two.
Overload AuraGreater chance of getting an Overload Aura with more fragments.